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This month I aim to create goals that are easy to meet so that when the November slump hits, I can look back fondly over the many goals I accomplished during the month of October. And since I’m being a particularly lazy blogger today, I’m not even going to go over last month’s goals. Instead, I will spend those few extra minutes jotting down a reminder to get some caramel apple cider this weekend. Yum.

Join me by writing about your small goals and linking up below. You can find the directions at the bottom of this post.

My October Small Goals are as follows:

#1. Do NOT spray hair texturizer in my eye.
Guess why this is a goal of mine. Go ahead, guess…

#2. Cook at least one meal that requires the stovetop.
No judging.

#3. Play the piano.
This includes accidentally pressing a key while dusting.

#4. Drink a caramel apple cider.
Extra points if I make it myself.

#5. Burn a candle.
Bath and Body Works has a candle named “Autumn”. It is the season in wax form.

I may be a lazy blogger right now, but I’m definitely not a lazy creator. So, here’s a free printable for your desk (or anywhere else you want to display it).

click this image to download

Are you new to linky parties or feeling a little bashful about joining in? I can relate! Please read this post to learn more about them and to make your first linky party a success!

#1. Write a blog post about your small goals for the month of October.
#2. Insert the October Small Goals image from the top of this entry within your blog post. Then, link it directly back to this blog post. <–this step is important as it allows readers to see everyone else’s small goals for the month.
#3. Publish your post. Then, return to this blog and click the “add your link” button. From there, you’ll be able to enter your blog post’s URL and choose the thumbnail image that will appear on this linky party.
#4. Encourage others to join the linky party by posting on at least one of your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)