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I’m back this month with another Small Goals Post and Linky Party. I’m sorry about missing last month’s Small Goals post. Unfortunately, I was being vetted for the position of High Chancellor Supreme of the International Federation of Teachers. Should I be nominated and win, I’ll have the power to mandate frequent restroom breaks, provide free food and drinks to all teachers during the work day, and lessen teachers’ workloads by 75%.

Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be nice?

Really, I just forgot about August, and by the time I remembered, it was too late. So, here we are with another Small Goals Post, in which we share our small goals for the month, as well as the goals we achieved in the month prior. Here it goes….

-failed miserably. Will not repeat.


Volunteer at local schools

  • I’ve been meaning to do this since we moved here a year ago, but it was quickly forgotten as I settled into my new routine. As most of you know, I work from home, so it wasn’t long before I started feeling a little left out of the classroom experience. I’m hoping that my volunteer hours will benefit all parties involved. I’ll be able to stay active in the classrooms while providing some much-needed relief to the teachers. Much of my volunteer hours will depend on their specific needs throughout the year, but I’ve already reached out to them, and I’m looking forward to volunteering soon!
Make a permanent change toward a healthier lifestyle
  • I’ve never hidden the fact that I love food, though I’ve always been a little ashamed of my distaste for exercise. I mean, let me march with an instrument in hand, and I’ll keep going all day long. But put me on a treadmill for a short run, and I’m in agony. However, as most healthy people seem to know, it’s important to find the healthy foods and exercise that you enjoy, so that you can turn those things into lifelong habits. So, I’ve found my joy in long walks and Yoga, along with homemade dinners and foods that are less processed. Besides, I still have coffee, so I’m good to go.
That’s it for my small goals. I know that seems like a short list, but I’m taking it easy this month. How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with back-to-school crazyness or are you feeling a bit more settled for the year ahead? Let me know in the comments section!