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I know that winter is edging nearer because we just entered a new month, and because I haven’t seen the sun in two weeks. I’m not bitter. It keeps me from getting a sunburn. It keeps me from ever wanting to go outside again. So what if I don’t remember what the sun looks like…or the color of the sky when it isn’t grey. Thankfully, I have several favorites from last month that brighten my mood, and hopefully yours too.


It’s as though the DoodleChaos channel on Youtube reached into every music teacher’s heart and created the videos we never knew we needed. Here are just a few of my favorites that would be perfect for the classroom:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy


Waltz of the Flowers (my current favorite)

This next video wasn’t released in November. I’m including it anyway though, because I know some of you may want to show it to your classes in December. It’d be great for a non-music sub.


I’m thrilled that Classical MRP created a Holiday Playlist. Instead of suffering through poor quality playlists from other sources, I can count on Classical MPR to keep me in the festive spirit for almost three hours. That’s plenty of time for me to prepare a pie, bake it, and find excuses to eat it before it’s completely cooled. I know I’m not the only one…

Saltine Toffees. I tend to forget about this glorious substance every year, but I’m reminded each time the holidays roll around. It’s hands-down one of the easiest things to make and is incredibly addictive. If you want all your fellow teachers to love you forever, just bring them a batch of these. You could always make it a bit more festive by swapping the nuts with crushed candy cane or colored M&M’s™. Better yet, slap a red M&M in the center of a square while the chocolate is still warm and melty. Then, cut a pretzel in half and place those at the top. Ta-da, instant saltine toffee Rudolph!