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by | Mar 4, 2018 |

Hey There

I’m Jennifer, a music teacher turned small business owner and blogger here at The Yellow Brick Road. As a music teacher, it’s hard to quantify the amount of hard work and mental energy that goes into just one day of teaching music. Thankfully, I have colleagues (like you) who know exactly what I mean. In fact, I’m betting that our personality profiles would say that we are:

  • hardworking
  • intelligent
  • giving
  • tired
  • overworked
  • stressed

The last three aren’t descriptions of our personalities, so much as a consequence of being a music teacher in today’s world. Most teachers are expected to do the job of two (or more). But we can’t magically extend the length of every day to finish all our tasks, unless you’re a Time Lord (and I’m guessing you’re not). So, you live with your tired-overworked-stressed-self, all in the name of sharing the gift of music with children. But, your calling in life doesn’t have to mean being constantly tired and stressed…

You don’t have to do it all. I can help!


My first few years of teaching were stressful. I’d been left with a music program that had no curriculum, scope and sequence, or longterm planning of any kind. So I had to start from scratch. It wasn’t easy, but as my teaching skills improved, so did my curriculum. After a few years of experience, and after earning a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, I yearned to do more. I wanted to help teachers gain back some balance in their lives. So, I quit teaching and started my own business to do just that! And I forged ahead with this thought:

My calling in life is to make a positive difference in the world through music.

That used to mean teaching music to energetic and creative elementary students. Now it means sharing lesson ideas and education resources with my colleagues, such as yourself. Since starting my business, I’ve connected with thousands of awesome music teachers through my store, (fondly named) the Yellow Brick Road. And my resources have been used in countless classrooms to help build music literacy in a fun and engaging way. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how students are begging to play the Rhythm Chairs Game. Or how my Basics Series helped bring a familiar concept to life for a classroom full of elementary students. Seriously, it’s better than coffee, and I don’t say that lightly! My mission is to create fun education resources for serious music literacy. 


Meanwhile, in my personal life….

When I’m not creating resources (which isn’t often), I’m spending time with my husband, Brandon. We love to travel, have deep discussions, and try to agree on what to watch on Netflix. I’d love to have a great dane someday, and I’m almost done convincing Brandon that he wants one too 😉

I also love spending time with friends, family, and coffee (not always in that order). My unique talents include:

  • knitting things halfway
  • choosing the perfect GIF for any situation
  • finding new ways to drink coffee


A Lasting Connection

Speaking of friends, I’m a strong supporter of collaboration, which is why I’m a proud member of The National Association for Music Education, The Indiana Music Education Association, The Music Crew, and The MusicEd Blogs Community. I’m also involved in numerous music teacher Facebook groups. So, if you ever see me around, don’t hesitate to say hello! Sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive extra inspiration and free resources. I’d love to hear more about your teaching journey and how I can help make it easier! You can reach me through Facebook or send me a message through email at