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I must admit…I’m not a huge fan of Boomwhackers. In my mind, they’re the musical equivalent of whacking a stick against a tree, and I’m pretty sure I did that a lot as a kid. Don’t ask me why.

To be fair, I do think Boomwhackers are helpful in teaching students about pitch, and how it relates to size. Whether or not they do in fact sound like sticks being whacked against trees is up for debate. And of course my students enjoy playing them, which is why I went on a hunt last summer for a better way to store them in my room. Up to that point, I’d kept them in a box, which was an unorganized eye-sore. Sadly though, no matter how long or hard I searched Pinterest, I just couldn’t find any storage method I liked.

Which led me to this thought, how can I store Boomwhackers without taking up any more space?

Then it came to me…

put them on the wall.

So I did.

I bought Velcro squares (1 1/2 in.) at the local hardware store. I mapped out where I wanted to put them on the wall, making sure to keep them within kindergarteners’ reach. Then, I began sticking the Velcro to the wall and instruments. Thankfully, I remembered to put the soft, fuzzy side of the Velcro on the Boomwhackers, and not the wall, so the students didn’t have to touch the rough side.

I’ve used this system for nearly a year now and can honestly say it beats anything I’ve seen or tried before. I was initially concerned about whether or not the students would put them away correctly, but they’re surprisingly particular about making sure the Velcro squares line up, even when I don’t remind them. I’ve even witnessed students policing others, reminding them to line them up properly, and then adjusting the rows to make a perfect line.

I think it says something about me, that I appreciate the students who do this. Who doesn’t love a straight line?

Musically Yours,