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I don’t know about the rest of you, but at our school, there is a prevailing ideology that music, art, and P.E. are not as important as…well…any other subject. If school were an ocean, we’d be the anglerfish, minus the cool lights on our heads.

Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) goes a long way in helping music teachers advocate for their subjects. However, it’s a tad more difficult to keep the momentum going during all the months that aren’t labeled with a catchy acronym. Like most music teachers I know, I have to be doggedly persistent to break through the negative preconceived notions about what music education is all about. So, when I became chair of our specials department a few years ago, I suggested creating a newsletter devoted to music, art, and P.E. The image below is an example of what our newsletter looks like.

Click on the picture to download this file for free from Dropbox. I’ve included editable PowerPoint slides (if you prefer to type it out), along with individual blank templates (if you prefer to write by hand and make copies).

I sometimes leave space for facts about the benefits of music education. To be honest, I include this just as much for the parents as the rest of the teachers. Some have not had any formal music education since elementary or middle school, so this is the space in which further advocate for music education.

What is the environment like at your school? Are the arts valued, disrespected, or ignored?