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Talk about Throwback Thursday! I’ve now been hosting the Small Goals Linky Party for an entire year. That’s twelve times a year that I’ve sat down and celebrated small goals, none being too small to include in my lists (such as not spraying hair texturizer in my eye). Despite any small goals I may have left unattended, I’ve managed to keep this tradition going. I really hope you’ll keep it going with me by joining the linky party or sharing your small goals in the comments section!

And in the spirit of following tradition, here are my goals from last month:

Celebrate my Birthday I even remembered how old I was. Success!
Create a Small Goals Button I did do this, but have since decided not to use it.
Keep my Orchids Alive Not only did I keep them both alive, but the little one is starting to grow new shoots! A new leaf is growing up from the center, and you can see a tiny shoot on the side, which I assume hope is a new stem.
Finish My Choir Project
I’ve been working on a short series for TPT, which I’ve nicknamed the Welcome To series. Each project is an interactive slideshow that teachers can use to introduce parents and students to performing arts groups, such as band, choir, and orchestra. So far the Welcome to Band and Welcome to Orchestra slideshows are finished.
Make More Gin!
For my birthday, my husband got me a Make Your Own Gin Kit, along with the book The Drunken Botanist. It was definitely a surprise, and one that I’ve enjoyed even more than I thought I would. It’s been fun reading about botanicals while I wait for my gin to infuse (36 hours). Plus, the cover of this book reminds me of something you’d find in a mad scientist’s basement, which I like.

Take More Pictures
I’ve had my camera for about a year now, and I love it (Sony Nex-5T if you’re wondering). However, it doesn’t go everywhere with me, and it absolutely should! I’m a far cry from being an expert with it, and the only thing that will increase my skills is practice. But then, you’re musicians, so you already know that ;)I’d really love to see your small goals for the month. If you’re a blogger, read the instructions below and join the party! If you’re a reader, please share your goals for this month in the comments section. Thanks for reading!