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Today, while you’re reading about my monthly favorites, I’ll be spending time with my nephews. Our adventures will include playing at the park, going to the zoo, making crafts, and watching them ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) approximately fourteen thousand questions. I love that they never get tired of it. And speaking of things I love…



  • If you’ve been a teacher for any length of time, you’re probably no stranger to dollar stores. This month, I found these craft storage boxes at the Dollar Tree. Currently, I’m using them to organize letters for my letterboard. However, I think they’d be awesome for storing small manipulatives, such as the tiny erasers you can get from Target.



  • I created a new batch of singing phones using colored PVC pipe, and I love the finished results. If you haven’t heard of these, you can read the blog post I wrote about them for NAfME here.



  • My inner teenager flipped out when I saw that Clearly Canadian was on the shelves at our local Meijer. Clearly Canadian is a fruit-flavored sparkling water, and for me, it tastes like the 90’s. Check your local supermarket’s water aisle to see if they’re available. I’m crossing my fingers for you.
  • The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is one of those items that I hate to love. I recognize that cooking eggs and cheese and slapping them on an english muffin isn’t difficult. And yet, this tool makes it so much easier. They’re also available in doubles, in case your partner or roomate also loves breakfast sandwiches.



  • I’ve been watching a lot of Team Recorder on Youtube lately. Sarah is a professional recorder player with tons of tutorials that make me want to drop everything I’m doing and play recorder. You can watch one of her videos on recorder basics HERE.



  • I finally finished my Basics of Solfége with Do, Re, and Mi. I’m thrilled to add it to the next level of the Basics Series. Like all of the resources in my Basics, it has interactive audio, video, and play-along recordings. All of this is so that students can hear, feel, and see the concept using real-life images and examples. I designed it to work for both Feierabend and Kodály Classrooms. I’d love for you to check it out HERE.