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May is officially over, so it’s time for me to review my monthly favorites. These monthly favorites are a way for me to share the books, gadgets, and resources I’ve loved in the last month. Most of you are entering summer break right now. It’s a good time to pick up a good book or start on a new project. Hopefully some of my May Favorites will make it onto your list too!



I’m trying to catch up on the latest two novels in the Flavia de Luce Series. It’s a murder-mysteries series set in 1950’s England. The main character is an eleven year old girl who’s passionate about chemistry and fantastic at solving murder mysteries. It’s a nice break from the dark and tragic non-fiction books I’d been reading before. Plus, I have to have something that entertains me now that I’m finished with both Father Brown and The Murder Mysteries of Miss Fisher.

I love this video of Sashay the Donut taken using a drone. If your students have danced to this, it would be fun to show them how it looks from over 100 feet in the air.




I bought my husband an Amazon Echo for Christmas this year. Fast forward to now, and we’re still discovering what all it can do. Here’s our favorite tasks for our Echo:

  • Ask for the temperature
  • Ask for a weather update
  • Set reminders for household chores
  • Add items to our shopping list
  • Get the daily news briefing
  • Listen to a music playlist based on genre

There’s plenty more it can do, but that’s what we use it for the most. Do any of you use this in your classroom? If so, how are the different ways you use it?



Our local coffee shop recently introduced their Japanese Matcha Latte, which includes espresso, matcha, and steamed milk. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I’m wondering where it’s been my whole life. Speaking of coffee, I’m also loving Starbuck’s blonde espresso. It lacks the burnt flavor of their usual roast, and in my opinion, tastes a whole lot better!