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Monthly favorites are a quick and easy way for me to share what I love in the world of music education, food, literature, tech, and entertainment. If you’re new to my monthly favorites posts, you can see all of my past favorites HERE. So, without further ado, here are my favorites from last month:


If you haven’t bookmarked the Music Ed Blogs Website, then I highly recommend that you do. This group consists of myself, Elizabeth from Organized Chaos, and many other fantastic music education bloggers. I sometimes forget how amazing this resource is, but it’s truly a one-stop-shop for music education blog posts. In addition, if you’re a music ed blogger, you can become a member too. You can apply to become a member HERE. If you’re not a blogger, but you like keeping up with communities on Facebook, you can join and follow our page HERE.

I’m still loving my ocarina, and I’m looking forward to sharing a post about it soon! If you want to hear how it sounds and have a little fun each morning, be sure to check out my Instastories. I play a Drop the Needle Game using the ocarina.


I use Noteflight at least once a week, and I continue to count it among my favorites each month. It works perfectly for my purposes, and I think it could work with students too, provided they are upper elementary or older. I think the note-entering process would be too difficult for younger grades. I also like all of the options included with the paid versions, such as color-coding notes and most recently, creating worksheets.


Along with all the Marvel TV Shows that my husband and I are following, we’ve really been enjoying The Good Place. A new season recently came out on Netflix, and it just keeps getting better. It’s light-hearted, but often takes a deeper look at morality, which I love. It’s a nice get-away from the darker and more violent themes of the other shows we’re following. And frankly, as the weather gets colder, I’ll need more shows like that.

The Great British Baking Show could cheer up almost anyone. It has everything I love; nice people, good food, and light-hearted banter. If you’re looking for a show to brighten your day, this one is it!