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Sleigh Ride is a great piece to practice steady beat, rhythm, and form. I’m going to share some active lesson ideas that I’ve discovered from generous music teachers all over Youtube. All of their ideas are movement-based, which I love. They’re perfect to use in the month of December. Use these lessons on the days that students come to your class covered from head to toe in buttercream icing, with jingle bell necklaces and reindeer headbands. You know what I’m talking about.



This first video comes from my friend Elizabeth over at Organized Chaos. Elizabeth’s cup routine is incredibly easy, and would be perfect for steady beat practice with your kindergarten and first grade students.

This next routine follows the typical cup routine, with a few added twists. It would be great for 2nd graders and older.

This next routine comes from James Themig and would be perfect for practicing form with 3rd grade students and older. He’s generously shared the instructions for this game on his blog, which you can find HERE. If the video below is a little too quick to follow, you can watch a slowed down version of instructions by Mrs. Donatelli HERE.



I adore the simplicity of this flashlight routine from Sherry Stahl. She used theatre gel to create the different colored flashlights. If you’re looking for an easy routine to add to your winter concert, this is it!



If you need an addition to your concert rep that’s more challenging, this is it! It’s from Jennifer Castro, and I think it would work with a wide range of grade levels.



Use this video from Pedro Morales to practice quarter notes and rests using rhythm instruments. This would be good practice for first and second grade students.



This last video is from Music Rhapsody and requires very little prep. Just grab some bells and go. This would be great for kindergarten and first grade.