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Weevily Wheat is a fun song and game to do with students in your upper elementary music classes. Be sure to let your math teachers know if you plan to use it, and they can thank you later!

  • The game for this song requires groups of four students.
  • Students join hands and circle to the right in the first line.
  • Students circle to the left in the second line.
  • They stack their hands one at a time to the beat, alternating right and left, during the third line.
  • They unstack their hands the same way on the last line.

This game is a great way to assess steady beat and/or meter in your upper elementary grades. During the stacking of hands, students are forced to keep track of the beat/meter in their heads to perform the action correctly.

As they’re playing the game, you can walk around to each group and assess students individually (using idoceo or your paper planner to track progress). Best of all, students won’t realize what you’re doing. So while you’re busy assessing them, they’re busy making music!