Bate Bate Chocolate in the Elementary Music Classroom

Bate Bate Chocolate is a traditional children’s rhyme. As with many children’s rhymes, it has different versions. Some lyrics describe cooking mole sauce (a delicious sauce native to Mexico), while others describe stirring chocolate. My favorite version is the one composed by José-Luis Orozco. This song is featured in his book, de Colores and Other Latin American Folksongs for Children, which you can find HERE.


Materials: hand drum, tambourine, found sound or other rhythm instrument that can sit on the floor/desk in front of each student. If you aren’t able to use instruments, replace the action with body percussion.

  • Students sit in a circle with their instrument in front of them.
  • They count out each number using their hand.
  • For each syllable of “cho-co-la-te”, they strike the instrument.
  • During “Bate, bate…” they will play the rhythm on their instrument (alternating hands if possible). If not using instruments, you can have them cross their arms over their chest and tap the rhythm, alternating hands.


You can use the chant instead and follow the same movements described above. The video below is from Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou.