Beginning of the Year Checklist for Music Teachers

Having a million things to do at the beginning of the year is overwhelming. It’s hard to stay focused when so many things need your attention. So you decide to make a to-do list. You feel accomplished when you’ve tackled every task. But what happens when you forget to write something down? What happens when “organize the sub tub” isn’t on your list? Most likely, the realization that you forgot something will hit you at the worst possible moment; such as the night before you’ve scheduled for a day off, leaving you panicked and frantically searching the internet for activities that a non-music substitute can do.

I’m here to prevent you from asking that dreaded question, “What am I forgetting?” I created a Beginning of the Year Checklist for Elementary Music Teachers. I know that classroom situations vary wildly, so I made it editable. I also included a checklist that’s already been filled out, just in case you needed some inspiration or reminders. Click the image below to download your free copy.