This song holds a special place in my heart. It’s one of the songs I taught my nephews a few years ago, and they never forgot it. I loved watching them play the game, and I hope it will be a hit in your classroom too.


Essentially, you play this game in the same way you would play Duck, Duck, Goose. The difference is that the leader will be singing the “call”, while the rest of the class sings the “echo”. This song is great for shy singers. It gives them a chance to do a solo without being front and center. Also, walking around the circle allows them to physically shake loose some of their nerves.
The video below will give you an idea of how the game is played.


This call and echo song is a great one to discuss repetition in music. It’s the perfect stepping stone into a discussion on form. If you’re looking for a meaningful introduction or review of form, be sure to check out my Basics of Form. It’s an interactive slideshow with tons of real-life audio and video examples.



Ask students to think of a word in which to replace “blackbird” and/or “black fish”. If this is the first time your students have played the game, or you sense that they might have trouble getting started, make a list of possible words on the board. My ideas are: unicorn, hippogriff, fidget spinner (just kidding).What are some of your favorite call and echo songs? Let me know in the comments section!