Five Online Music Tools to Try This Summer

My nephew recently introduced me to an online music tool I’d never seen before. It simulates all the different moving parts of vocalizing, and I was amazed. Not only that, but I was reminded that I’m long overdue for sharing some of these online music tools with all of you. Thanks to my Musical Mansion resource, I’ve discovered several new tools that I think you’ll love!

Pink Trombone

This is the tool my nephew showed me. It would be great for voice lessons, choirs, and young singers. It features the hard and soft palate, nasal cavity, fricatives, and more. The sound can be grating, so you may want to use headphones. You can play with it HERE.

Interactive Piano

This piano practically does it all. Students can play by clicking on each key or using their keyboard. Here’s a list of what students can do with this piano:

  • They can record themselves and play it back
  • label the keys for easy reference
  • sustain the notes
  • change the instrument (piano, harpsichord, organ, or harp)
  • listen/watch pieces being played
  • play a game where they fill in notes as the piece plays
  • change the tempo of the piece
  • use a metronome

Needless to say, this is one of my favorite online music tools I’ve ever used. You can play with it HERE.

Interactive Xylophone

This interactive xylophone has fewer features than the piano, but may also work better for your younger students. Like the piano, students can use their keyboards to play each note. They can also choose to install the app on their device, making it playable with or without the internet. You can find this xylophone HERE.

Living Room Learning: World Music & Dance

The Center for World Music has created several amazing videos featuring songs and dances from around the world. Each video also includes a free study guide, which details the learning objectives, standards (for California only), follow-up questions, and cultural information about the country that’s featured. You can find these videos HERE.

Interactive Drum Set

Like the other interactive instruments featured in this post, students can play the drum set using their mouse or keyboard. While it doesn’t offer as many options as other interactive instruments, it sure is fun! You can check it out HERE.