Well, it’s the first time since starting this small goals linky party last August that I’m seven days late. However, I’m giving myself a pass on this one. After all, I was too busy spending time with my nephews on New Year’s weekend to think about blog posts. Despite the vomit, leaking air mattress, and 4am wakeup call, they had a blast. I think Toothless and Teddy had fun as well.

Now that the nephews are back home and likely still driving my sister crazy with talk of Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jennifer, I’m going to dive into my small goals for the month of January. As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to link up by writing about your small goals for this month. You can read the details at the bottom of this post. Here goes…

1. Keep the Orchid Alive
I just had to add it again this month. Sure, it survived December, but now I’m unsure if it’s in hibernation or if the teeny yellow leaves sprouting from the base are an indication of looming death. Time will tell. Hopefully.

2. Repair and/or Stop Breaking Household Items
As of right now, we have countless pulls in our rug, a broken makeup mirror, a splintered coat rack, and one less corolle bowl after I shattered it by dropping a glass spice jar from just the right height hitting precisely the right spot for shattering (don’t ask). I’m not a believer in back luck or anything like that (I’ve broken many a mirror in my day), but it would be nice to buy new things for fun rather than buying them to replace the things I broke.

3. Take More Pictures
Friend Laura received a fancy new camera for Christmas, which I was delighted to fiddle with during New Year’s Eve. While chatting about cameras, we were reminded of the fact that we have very few pictures of us, let alone of our circle of friends. So, we’ve vowed to start snapping more. Plus, playing around with her new camera made me itch to play more with mine as well. After snapping some project pictures this week, I was reminded of how much fun it is.

4. Give More
I consider myself a giving person. However, as with all good things, there can never be enough. So, this month I want to be more intentional about my giving. I donate items often, but this month I’d like to buy a gift for someone and surprise them with it, just because. I can think of plenty of friends and family who are very much deserving of a happy surprise, and I’d love to be the one to deliver it!