I say it every time, but I just can’t believe it’s the start of another month. Today, I’ll be sharing my small, monthly goals and reflecting on my goals from last month. If you’re new to this blog, you should know that I participate in this every month. It’s meant to serve two purposes:

1. To keep me in line with my physical and emotional health.
Accountability is a strict teacher!

2. To help others *cough*teachers*cough* place renewed focus on their own health.
It’s so easy to push under the rug, but it’s time and energy well spent.

Let’s start by going over my goals from last month:

Stretch after walking
It wasn’t so much that I failed at this, as my memory failed to remind me to do it. I did a lot of walking in the warmer weather though, so I’m going to call it a half-win.

Eats fruits. Not salsa.
This was fairly easy. As long as I don’t keep chips and salsa in the house, then I don’t eat them. The same cannot be said for the chocolate I found at Aldi…

Before I dive into this month’s goal, I need to give a little backstory:

To be blunt, my younger self might’ve described the last few months of my life as a crap sandwich. I’ve had difficult times with my own health and that of my family’s. I’ve also experienced the typical first-world disappointments, such as a broken washer/dryer and a car that needed fixing. And the most embarrassing of them all…dropping my phone in the toilet. It currently sits in a bed of rice, while I chant and perform interpretative dances over it in the hopes of bringing it back to life. You don’t realize how dependent you are on something until it’s not there anymore.

Having read all of that, you might agree with my “crap sandwich” comment. Lately though, I can’t help but see the good in life. I see people coming together to help my family, literally saving a life with their generosity. I see empathy in the eyes of a friend when I pretend that my ear troubles are “no big deal”. I feel the collective thoughts and prayers of friends whom I haven’t seen in ages, and I remember that friends are the family you choose. I chose well.

Keeping all of that in mind, this is my one and only goal for the month:

Be Kind

To others and to myself. I hope you’ll do the same.

Click this image to download the printable quote for free.

What are your small goals for May? What type of exercises are you trying and/or failing at? What’s one of the obstacles you face in your emotional health? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. I always love hearing from you!

*Phone Update* The toilet killed it. So long dear phone. You will be replaced, but never forgotten.