Dynamic Pets: Crescendo and Decrescendo – dynamics lesson – music lesson

Dynamic Pets: Crescendo and Decrescendo introduces students to changing dynamics and reviews piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, and forte. This slideshow guides students through interactive sounds, body movement, vocal play, and a hide and seek game.


⚠️ Available in PowerPoint and Google Slides™ ⚠️




✺ Slides that introduce the sounds of piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, and forte

  • audio includes: “soft” squeak of a mouse, meowing cat, oinking pig, and the “loud” bark of a dog

✺ Slides that encourage students to move their bodies to show the dynamics

  • audio includes musical excerpts to use with body percussion

✺ Slides that introduce crescendo, decrescendo, and their markings

  • audio examples of crescendo and decrescendo

✺ Conducting activity with crescendo and decrescendo

  • students conductors lead the class in showing dynamics with their bodies and voices

✺ Matching game slides where students identify crescendo and decrescendo

✺ Open-ended questions that prompt a discussion on how to use dynamics in music

✺ Slides describing how to play the Dynamic Dog Game

✺ Printable cards that can be printed double-sided to be used as flashcards for review or as a matching game in class centers

✺ Printable “Forte the Dog” page that can be used for the game in lieu of a stuffed toy

✺ Directions for Use





“I bought this a couple of years ago. Forte Dog is a FAVORITE game with my 1st & 2nd Graders!!”


“This is so adorable! I love the graphics and how you presented the animals with each dynamic level. This was a big hit in my classroom! Thanks so much for your hard work in creating it!”


“Love the connection to animals, and so did my students! We also really enjoyed the game. Thanks!”



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