Editable Pitch Assessments for Music – music assessments – music tests

These editable black and white, half-page music assessments are a quick and easy way to find out what your elementary music students know about pitch in music. They are formatted with iconic notation, Solfége syllables, and fill-in-the-blank answers, which makes them perfect for a wide variety of ages and skill levels in music classrooms.



✅ Editable PDF ✅


► iconic notation

  • high/low
  • melodic direction
  • line/space notes

► Solfége patterns on various staves

  • one-line staff
  • two-line staff
  • five-line staff

► fill-in-the-blank

  •  pitch patterns
  • note names
  • editable pitch guide


Ideas for Use

  • Use the assessments as exit tickets
  • Use the fill-in-the-blank option with your choir
  • Have a volunteer student choose the four-beat pitch pattern
  • For bonus points, play a familiar pattern from a song and ask students to write in the song title at the bottom of their sheet.         


Why Your Students and You Will Love This Resource

  •  The half pages make it easy to do a quick assessment at the end of class
  • Can be added to students’ portfolios as evidence of learning
  • Relatable graphics that are perfect for younger grades
  • Editable options mean you can assess the pitches you want
  • They’re printer-friendly

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