Moving with Beethoven Bundle – Beethoven Lesson – Rhythm Lessons

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These Beethoven listening lessons are part of the larger Moving with Beethoven Bundle. These lessons focus on Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; Ode to Joy, Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Students will practice steady beat and rhythms with movement, identify same and different parts, identify rhythms, play rhythm instruments, use body percussion, and compose all while they listen to Beethoven.



⚠️You’ll need your own recording of each Beethoven piece to use this resource. ⚠️






➤ Ode to Joy

  • Clickable table of contents
  • Google Slides Link
  • Slides leading students through the process of identifying beat/no beat
  • Body percussion warmups to a steady beat
  • Practice moving to the steady beat
  • Practice pointing to the steady beat (via conductors)
  • Practice playing rhythm instruments to the steady beat
  • Slides leading students through identification of same/different parts


➤ 7th Symphony

  • Clickable table of contents
  • Google Slides Link
  • 10 slides that lead students through iconic notation with quarter notes, barred eighths, and quarter rests
  • 6 sides that lead students through stick notation with quarter notes, barred eighths, and quarter rests
  • 2 challenge slides which lead students through body percussion patterns
  • 4 “listen and move” slides, in which students are guided to move and listen for specific rhythm patterns
  • Rules for how to play the Music Freeze Game using the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony
  • Rules for students to compose their own 8-beat rhythm pattern
  • Sheet music for the theme of the piece (includes chords)
  • Printable rhythm cards for composition (includes stick and standard notation)
  • Additional instructions and ideas for the rhythm cards, Music Freeze Game, and student compositions


➤ Moonlight Sonata

  • Clickable table of contents
  • Google Slides Link
  • Slides leading students through a discussion of music elements
  • rhythm practice with iconic notation
  • rhythm practice with stick notation
  • Practice conducting and working with their “mind’s ear”
  • Practice playing triplets with body percussion via a follow-the-leader style game
  • Printable rhythm cards with stick and standard notation




❤️ Your students will love all of the movement that goes along with each lesson

❤️ Your students will love the game ideas that are included

❤️ You’ll love all the innovative ways students practice beat and rhythm with Beethoven

❤️ You’ll love how students use body percussion, creative movement, and rhythm cards to compose as they listen to Beethoven


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