Music Brochures for Open House Night – Music Flyers – Back to School Night

These music education brochures are an editable, easy-prep resource for your open house, back to school, or meet the teacher nights. You can use these to showcase the music elements students are learning and why music education is important in our schools. The trifold brochures are pre-filled and editable (in PowerPoint), with options for kindergarten through sixth grade general music classes.

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✅ Each brochure is pre-filled, and only requires a few adjustments to make it your own!



► 2 editable PowerPoint templates (black and white) for each grade level K-6

  • template 1 has music clipart on the front
  • template 2 is left blank so that you can add your own image

► Back Right Flap (Front Cover)

  • grade level
  • school name

► Inner Left & Center Flap

  • descriptions of what students learn in music class including the elements of steady beat, tempo, pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics, timbre, harmony, and texture

► Inner Right Flap

  • personal note explaining why music education is vital to our humanity

► Back Left Flap

  • snippets of research showing the benefits of music education

► Back Center Flap

  • space to add contact information, resources, and more

► Instructions for printing, folding, & editing



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