Music Concept Checklist – Music Scope and Sequence – Elem Music Scope & Sequence

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I developed my music concept checklist for grades K-6 for my paper and digital interactive notebooks. This music scope and sequence will help guide you in planning throughout the year. Below is an in-depth explanation on how I created the scope and sequence, as well as my goals for its use.




When I first started teaching, I had zero curriculum, and I was drowning in work. This was the same year I became obsessed with collecting scope and sequences from every publicly available source I could find. I wanted to know what other teachers were doing, because I had no clue what I was doing (at least it felt that way at the time).


After earning my masters in curriculum and instruction, and writing an entire curriculum for my music program, I decided that I wanted to help other teachers avoid the sleepless nights and anxiety I’d experienced in those first few years of teaching. That’s when I started my blog and opened my online store.


Fast-forward several years; I was working on scope and sequences for interactive notebooks that could work for teachers in a variety of situations, and I had three goals in mind:


  1. They must work for a variety of methodologies.
  2. They would be multi-purpose as INBs, assessments, stand-alone projects, and more.
  3. They must cover the concepts while encouraging student/teacher creativity.


To accomplish this, I gathered all the scope and sequences I’d collected over the years, which were inspired by a wide variety of methodologies. I noted how concepts were sequenced and what concepts were commonly found at each grade level. From there, I began to develop a concept list for each grade level that was logically sequenced and would work for a variety of methodologies. And since many teachers are required to teach multiple grade levels together in middle school, I combined 5th and 6th grade concepts into one list.



I hope this gives you a better idea of how I created my concept checklist, and how it was incorporated into my interactive notebooks. I also hope that this checklist inspires you to celebrate each victory in your classroom, no matter how big or small. Each check mark represents one concept your students now understand that they didn’t before. And that my friends, is FANTASTIC!