Musical Matching Games for Spring – music games – spring matching games

This spring set of musical matching games is the perfect addition for centers, your sub tub, or both! There are five matching game sets including instrument families, composer facts, music history periods, rhythms, dynamics, and music symbols. The difficulty of the matching games vary and are appropriate for a wide range of students.



This resource is perfect for:

✅ elementary music teachers

✅ middle school music teachers

✅ non-music substitute teachers



► Rhythm

  • barred eighth notes & quarter notes

► Music Symbols & Terms

  • crescendo, forte, staff, barline, etc.

► Instrument Family

  • woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, & keyboard

► Western Art Music History Periods

  • Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.

► Western Art Music History Composers

  • Bingen, Mozart, Price, Higdon, Tchaikovsky, etc.



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