Rain, Rain: a guided lesson for Orff instruments – music lesson – mallets

Rain, Rain is a guided lesson using Orff instruments. This interactive presentation guides elementary music students through vocal explorations, speaking rhythms, playing body percussion, singing, mallet warm-ups, and play-alongs for the song Rain, Rain. This carefully sequenced lesson is perfect for teachers who are less confident with teaching instruments or who want an easy step-by-step guide for teaching Rain, Rain.

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⚠️ Available in Google Slides & PowerPoint ⚠️



  • Clickable table of contents
  • vocal exploration slides
  • slide that guides students in speaking the rhythm of Rain, Rain
  • slide that guides students in using body percussion with the rhythm of Rain, Rain (with audio)
  • slide with iconic notation for students to sing Rain, Rain
  • 5 mallet warm-up slides with technique tips, steady beat practice, rhythm practice, interactive audio, and interactive video
  • 3 slides with audio for students to playalong with their own instruments
  • 1 slide with extension activity ideas
  • standard notation of Rain, Rain
  • colored notation for use with pitched percussion tubes or hand chimes
  • Instructions for use


Why Your Students and You Will Love This Resource

  • Careful sequencing means an easy lesson with little to no prep
  • Students will love matching their voices to the raindrops
  • Students will feel confident with all the mallet practice they receive before their mallet touches the instrument
  • You will love their “aha” moment when they see how easy it is to play their instruments
  • You can easily use this same lesson with Boomwhackers™



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