Star Light, Star Bright: a song for teaching so and mi – mi so lesson

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Star Light, Star Bright is a classic children’s lullaby, perfect for teaching so and mi. In this presentation, students will explore their singing voices, practice keeping a steady beat, identify so and mi, and use printable stars to notate the song.



Main Menu with clickable topics for easy navigation

► PPT & Google Slides Presentation

► Vocal Exploration

  • 6 slides where students explore their singing voices with shooting stars.

► Song Lyrics

► Standard Music Notation

► Colored Music Notation

for use with pitched percussion such as Boomwhackers™

► Steady Beat Practice

  • 1 slide with a star beat chart for students to follow along to the beat
  • 2 slides exploring the definition of a lullaby
  • 2 slides where students conduct the rest of the class in keeping a beat

► Solfege Practice

  • 1 slides where students identify the high and low pitches
  • 1 guided movement slide for high/low
  • 3 slides where students identify so/mi
  • 2 slides where students use their printables to notate the song


Printables (in color and black and white)

► star beat sheets (students tap the stars to the steady beat)

► So and Mi stars for notating the song


Instructions for Use