It’s time for another small goals linky party for the month of September. The rules are super easy (find them at the bottom of this post) and anyone is welcome to participate, teacher or not. I hope you’ll consider sharing your small goals with us by joining in the linky party!

I’ll start with the small goals from last month, most of which I accomplished:
Finish the Renaissance Period in Music Quick Guide project
Stick to my Daily Schedule–> I need to take more breaks during the day
Get to Know my Camera
Make better life choices
Make Friends with an Interior Designer–> Pinterest works for now

Not too shabby for August, but I suspect that September is going to be the month in which I accomplish all of my small goals (and more). Here they are:

Attend Some Competitions
I could say that sweaters, bonfires, and caramel apple cider are what make fall the best season, but I’d be lying. Musicians know that the real reason is because it’s marching band season! The competitions start this month, so I hope to see some shows in our area. Nature + music = a good time. Now that’s the kind of math I can understand!

Get a New Computer
At the moment, I use a Macbook Pro (laptop) in conjunction with a separate, much larger monitor for my near-sightedness. However, despite how kindly I speak to the Macbook Pro, it can only take so much of my daily abuse. It puts up with 8-10 hours of work with PowerPoint, itunes, PhotoShop, idraw, and worst of all…Chrome. I’m hoping it will hold out until the new 22.5 inch iMac comes out, which is rumored to happen sometime this month. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Cook a Meal
I really wish I could say that I was the type of person who loves to cook, but I don’t. I also wish I could say that my husband loves to cook, but he doesn’t either. I don’t like the time cooking involves or the dirty dishes it creates. Considering the amount of love I have for food, you would think I’d find supreme joy in creating it. But no. Not me. On most days you can find me throwing a frozen meal in the microwave. My small goal for this month is to cook a meal that requires a recipe and a stovetop.

Finish the Baroque Period in Music Quick Guide Project
I recently had a buyer ask how soon I would publish each of the music history sets, so I’m trying to focus on those for the majority of my work day. Also, I need to find a shorter title for my projects…

That’s it for me! I hope you’ll consider joining the linky party and sharing your small goals for the month of September. The rules are simple (check them out below) and anyone is welcome to join, teacher or not!

#1. Write a blog post about your small goals for the month of September.
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#3. Publish your post. Then, return to this blog and click the “add your link” button. From there, you’ll be able to enter your blog post’s URL and choose the thumbnail image that will appear on this linky party.
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Also, be sure to check in tomorrow for another freebie in celebration of officially reaching 1,000 followers on TPT!