I’m back from my summer blogging break to share with you my favorites of the summer.

Teacher Tools

Cold Brew Machine

  • If you love cold brew, then this is the machine for you. I became obsessed with cold brew long before it hit store shelves or coffee shops. Back then, I was using a combination of cheesecloth, strainers, and random containers to make my cold brew. That method worked fine, but this machine is simple, easy to clean, and makes the whole process so much easier. I use a ratio of three to one for a concentrate that I mix with milk and my favorite creamer. 10/10 would recommend.

Collapsible Stool

  • This video from my Instagram page shows you everything you need to know about this awesome stool.

Handheld Fan

  • I keep this handheld fan on my desk, and I love it. It’s rechargeable (via USB), has several settings, and can be folded to sit on your desk. The one I purchased years ago is no longer available, but the one I’ve linked to is very similar and has great reviews.

Helpful Websites

  • I was introduced to this site long ago when I got my first guitar. It’s a search engine for finding guitar (and uke) chords and tablature. However, it goes far beyond just finding chords. You can also transpose with the click of a button, save your favorite songs, organize your songs into folders, print music, view chord diagrams, and more. It’s free to sign up and would be a great tool for your beginning or advanced guitar/uke students.

  • Ultimate Guitar has the same features as Chordie, but also offers a pro version. The pro version is a paid feature that allows you to hear how the song should be played, hear multiple tracks of the song, change the tempo, view a virtual fretboard as you play, and get backing tracks. I think this would be particularly useful for private lessons students.


  • My friend Sally presented a session about Wakelet at our Music Crew Virtual Conference this year, and I was amazed at its capabilities! If Wakelet had existed when I first started teaching, I would’ve definitely used it for sub plans and monthly newsletters. Check out the details about free PD below to learn more about Sally’s Wakelet session.

Free Professional Development

Professional development has come such a long way since I first started teaching. As an introvert, I LOVE the online options that are available now. And as an introverted presenter, I love presenting sessions online. If you like to avoid crowds like me or if you’re just looking for some free, quality professional development, you need to check out The Music Crew’s Virtual Conference! It’s already over, but you can still catch the replays and download a PD certificate. Just follow this LINK to get all the details.