Fridays have become a bit experimental where my blog posts are concerned for two reasons. First, they were meant to be reserved for lifestyle posts, which means that I can expand on my topic selections (an excuse to talk about life outside of teaching). Second, I don’t know how many teachers actually sit down to read blog posts on Fridays. I assume most teachers are slumped over their desks from exhaustion, hoping to make it to their favorite restaurant before the $3 margaritas are sold out. Of course, I’m sure there are also teachers like me, the ones who are slumped over their desk from exhaustion, and look forward to an evening spent alone with Netflix. To each his (or her) own.

The above rambling is to say that I’m experimenting with a new post idea called Teacher Links and Loves. I stole the original idea from Kate at The Small Things Blog and decided to expand it to include items specifically geared toward teachers; i.e. budget-friendly, fun, and/or relaxing. And since most teachers shop on the weekends (there’s no other time), what better way to get awesome purchase ideas than from reading a blog post while you wait for your feet to stop aching?Okay, let the window-shopping begin!


  • I love the look of a muted rainbow palette, and this set of washi tape is the most glorious of them all! I could only love this set more if it were made of ice cream and coffee. Here are some great ideas on how to use it in your classroom.


  • I’ve been singing the praises of this unsweetened iced coffee for a long time now. Not because it’s particularly the best tasting (it’s not), but because it’s readily available in most of our city’s grocery stores. I used to make the cold brew myself, but frankly, I don’t have the patience when I know it’s waiting in a dairy cooler just a few blocks from home. I drink my glorious cold brew with a few tablespoons of my favorite vanilla creamer, which is also readily available at most grocery stores in our area. Yum.


  • My musical tastes are eclectic, and this song has been on repeat in my office all week. The arrangement is moving, particularly the unexpected half-step descent in the bass line of the piano in, “Oh can’t you see, You belong to me?” Ah, the feels.


  • My husband decided to invest in this password management app, and I’m almost ready to hop on board. I can’t personally attest to this app’s effectiveness, but if you knew my husband, you’d know how many hours he pours into researching a product before purchase. If you have a hard time keeping track of all your passwords, this app might be worth a try.


  • I’ll spare you the stories of high-water pants and accidental-belly-shirts of my youth, let’s just say that being a six-foot tall female limits my clothing options. So I was thrilled to discover that this store offers free shipping AND free returns anytime I order from the tall shop (which is always). In addition, they offer a discount for teachers.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my links and loves! If so, please comment below and tell me if you’d like to see more. Have a great (and long) Labor Day weekend!