The Top Five Sites to Bookmark for Elementary Music Teachers

These top five sites for elementary music teachers are tried and true and worthy of bookmark status. Proof of that is the fact that one of these sites has been around for over 20 years! They’ve stood the test of time in the world of elementary music education, and today I’m sharing my favorites.

Elemental Music Adventures

This site is the ultimate collection of music activities that can be used through your browser. No signing in, paying fees, or helping students remember their passwords. You start by choosing your device, either a computer or touchscreen, and then selecting explore, create, or perform. Each section has enough sites to keep your students busy for months.

Beth’s Notes

As a new teacher (many, many moons ago), I regularly visited Beth’s Notes for song and game ideas. I loved how I could search for folk songs by rhythms, pitch, meter, movement, and more. The organization of Beth’s song collection is superb and one of the many reasons her site has been going strong for over twenty years.

The Ultimate Music Education Book List

This collection was created by my friend Melissa from Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Room, and she named it well. You can search this massive collection of books by music concept, grade level, author, culture, and more. She also has a section for professionally development books. Bonus, you can fill out a Google Form to add your own suggestions to the ever-growing list!

MusicTheory.Net is an oldie, but goodie. As someone who detests pop-ups and automatic video loops, I appreciate the simple and streamlined layout of The website has expanded since its early days, and now offers premium, paid apps. However, you can still access all of their music theory lessons, exercises, and tools for free.

Midnight Music

Midnight Music is all about technology for music education. Katie, Midnight Music’s founder, shares loads of music teacher centered tech information and solutions. You can find nearly anything tech-related, from finding the best free notation software to game-changing Canva AI tools. She also offers paid courses, free training, and a podcast to keep you up to date on all things tech related.

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