I’m here today with some lesson ideas that will keep your kids moving and learning to Vivaldi’s Summer. Below is a fantastic video featuring Joshua Bell performing The Four Seasons “Summer” Presto. One commenter of the video said, “This is the most metal classical piece I’ve ever heard. Rock on, Vivaldi.” 

If this performance can get a stranger from the internet excited about art music, then it’s sure to be a hit with your students too. Plus, it’s a great segue into talking about Joshua Bell. You could also take this moment to discuss Vivaldi and his life as a composer.


This one is simple. Ask your students to move to the music. If you have scarves or ribbons, use them! The idea here is not to move to the beat (as per usual), but instead to show the expressiveness of the music. For example, students might move up and down to show dynamics. They might freeze during the rests or stomp to show accents. Download the free resource below for a list of free form movements that the students can try.


Vivaldi’s Summer is awesome for presenting music vocabulary. The students will be prepared to discuss the expressive qualities of the music after they’ve had a chance to move to the music. Below is a short list of vocabulary you can discuss with this piece:
  • accents
  • short/long
  • timbre
  • strings
  • violin
  • rest
  • dynamics
  • loud/soft


If you’re in need of an easy lesson plan for subs, consider using my free SQUILT sheets where students can write or draw what they heard in the music.
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