I know it’s officially spring in my world when I switch from hot to iced coffee. This season is no different. It’s the first of April, and I started drinking iced coffee several weeks ago. I guess I’m in a rush for the warmer weather to get here. I’m also ready for another Small Goals Linky Party, in which I share my small goals for the month, and recount whether I achieved last month’s goals. Here goes…

I faired poorly last month, achieving only two of my four goals.

Build back my guitar callouses
Not going to lie, I totally forgot about this one. However, I did play a few times, just not enough to build any callouses.

Maintain a spreadsheet for curriculum resources
I didn’t even attempt this one, mostly because I forgot about it as well.

Create a birthday calendar

Try out LastPass
Done, and I like it so far! If you have tons of passwords that you can’t remember, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Since I did so poorly last month, I’m making my goals a little smaller this month. Here they are:
Keep the orchids alive
I literally have no idea how the little one is still kicking. It’s a survivor. The big one is a new purchase, which is meant to serve as my plant redeemer. I will not let it down!!
Burn more candles
As a kid, I secretly liked it when the power went out. My mom would light all of her candles (there were tons), and I’d sit in the silence watching the flames. As an adult, I’m not a fan of power outages, but I do still enjoy having a candle burning. I restocked my candle pile, and I’m hoping to burn them more often while working in my office.
Fill this photo album
This album was an impulse purchase from TJ Maxx. The color really drew me in. and since I’ve left behind scrapbooking, I thought that a simple photo album might be just the ticket to get me back into printing and organizing my photos.


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  1. Thanks for hosting again this month- I am always motivated by taking the time to reflect on the past month and set goals for the month ahead! 🙂 I love the photo album idea! I have been doing a sorta scrapbook style family calendar with my kids this year and have been printing out photos to put in each month, and it has been a good exercise for me to actually print out some of the pictures I take. With cell phones and selfies and everything else it's easy to take a bunch of pictures and then never look at them again- printing them off is fun!