Another month has passed already, and I’m not at all sure where it went. Though I can guarantee that it included binge-watching the Gilmore Girls and a whole lot of unpacking here in our apartment. Oh, also drinking of iced coffee. We can’t forget that. So, it’s time for another small goals post, and if you’ve not participated in a small goals linky party before, here’s how it works:

#1. Write a blog post about your small goals for the month of August.

#2. Grab the image from above (sunflower picture) and place it in your blog post. Then, link it directly to this blog post. <–this step is important as it allows readers to see everyone else’s small goals for the month.

#3. Publish your post. Then, return to this blog and click the “add your link” button. From there you’ll be able to enter your blog post’s URL and choose the thumbnail image that will appear on this linky party.

#4. Encourage others to join the linky party by posting on at least one of your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) I always let everyone know that I’ve published a new post by announcing it on Facebook and Twitter (and sometimes Instagram).

Okay, before I get started on my small goals for August, let’s run through my goals from last month to see how many I accomplished.

Take a Break Already!
Drink More Water
Organize my Work Space
Buy a Camera

I don’t know how it happened, but I managed to reach every goal. Hopefully August will have the same results. So, here it goes…

Finish the Renaissance Period in Music Quick Guide project. 
–these quick guide sets have been on my to-do list ever since starting on TPT, and with requests to make more, the Renaissance guide is my top priority.

Stick to my Daily Schedule
–I’m the boss of me, and my boss is pretty strict about productivity and time management. Go figure. So, I created a daily schedule with blocks of time to split up my work between creating, writing, and other daily tasks.

Get to Know my Camera
–I haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to become familiar with it, but now that the moving/unpacking is finished, I’m hoping to get out and snap more. One of the first outings produced the image below, which you saw on my last post, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what else it can do.

Make better life choices
–Food takes up a large portion of my brain, and therefore, I’m considering it a life choice. And I really need to make better life choices. Today I ordered four shots of espresso in my weekly coffee treat (yes, I have those). Let’s just say that I haven’t been so aware of my heartbeat in a really long time.

Make Friends with an Interior Designer
–Seriously, I need help in this area. Not because I’m not good at designing a room (I’m decent), but because I have major trouble choosing what to put in a room. I love so many designs, and gaining inspiration from Pinterest further complicates the matter. If you have any designs you’d like to share with me, please leave a link in the comments section.

Also, I’d love for you to join this linky party. You do not have to be a music education blogger to join. Everyone is welcome!

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