I’ve been blessed with many close friends over the years. I tend to accumulate them in the same way people accumulated beanie babies in the eighties. And the thing that amazes me most, is the comfort and support that friendships provide, whether those friendships are formed in childhood, as adults, or through the internet. I’m thankful for each and every one.

And without further adieu, here we go:Today, I’ve tagged Friend Laura, whom I’ve mentioned occasionally on this blog. She’s a young adult librarian and authors her own blog, which you can read here. While brainstorming lifestyle post ideas, she mentioned the Best Friend Tag, and I immediately knew I wanted to try it out. I hope you’ll join us with a tag of your own. You can copy our questions and send them to a friend through e-mail (Google Docs makes it easy) or if you’re up for the challenge, display the responses on your blog with the title of Best Friend Tag.

When and how did we first meet?

Jennifer: This is an easy one. We met in our high school human physiology class. It was time to choose our “piggie partners”, a friendly term we used to describe the person who would be our partner during the fetal pig dissection. I think it’s safe to say that you get to know a person pretty well while performing a task that most would consider unpleasant.

Laura: We officially met during human physiology, but I remember knowing who she was from band, back when I was too afraid to talk to her, because I thought she was cool and I was too nerdy to be in her presence.

What is our favorite food?

Jennifer: This question, as Laura would probably agree, is impossible. How does one choose among so many loves? However, I can say with certainty that some of Laura’s favorite foods are also the ones she’s sensitive to, like tomatoes.

Laura: All food. We seem to be partial to Italian, given our restaurant choices. Except if we are including beverages in this, Jennifer’s would be coffee, especially Starbucks Iced Coffee (in the refrigerated section with a green lid) that you can get cheaper at Target than at Kroger.

What are the two things your best friend does not know about you?

Jennifer: Why did I choose this question!? Anyway, I guess the two things she doesn’t know about me are that I tend to hide it when I don’t feel well and also that I’ve never owned a library card…ever (don’t hate me).

Laura: Well, Tuesday I found out I’m violently allergic to Stevia. She doesn’t know that because I haven’t told her yet. Other than that, she doesn’t know stuff that I would cry about if I told her, like how she pulled me through depression during my last year of college.

How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner/spouse?

Jennifer: He would be a mixture of Bruce Banner and The Hulk; confident and intelligent enough to carry on an interesting conversation, but possessing at least one weakness that keeps him from being too full of himself. Also, I have to approve of him 😉

Laura: Her actual husband!

What do you most admire about your best friend?

Jennifer: Hands-down her memory. She can remember more of my life than I can. No joke.

Laura: Her loyalty.

What is your favorite inside joke?

Jennifer: This whole post is like a cruel reminder of how terrible my memory is. How ironic. Anyway, I’m going to hand this one over to Laura…

Laura: We laugh about so many things, but we do have one story about picking up a backpack that we laugh about all the time…

What was your first impression of your friend?

Jennifer: She was nice, weird, and a loud talker.

Laura: I thought she was gorgeous, quiet, and WAY too cool to talk to my nerdy high school self.

What is your favorite memory together?

Jennifer: I can’t really name just one (there are too many), but I do know that some of my favorite memories include our idealistic discussions on how to improve the world, which either end in a collective epiphany or with us laughing until we’re crying.

Laura: All my favorite memories take place in the car, on the way to or from somewhere, laughing or ranting about anything and everything.

Describe each other in one word.

Jennifer: Complex.

Laura: Musical! (Although describing anything or anyone in one word is almost physically impossible for me.)

If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?

Jennifer: Harry Potter World!!

Laura: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter OR Italy. Or both. Can we make it both?

If you do choose to tag a friend on your blog, be sure to leave your link in the comments section so that I can read all about it!

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