I’m pretty excited to share my February Small Goals post this month, but first, let’s go over my goals from last month…

Keep the Orchid Alive
At this point, I really don’t know why it’s still alive. I peeked at its roots the other day, and they were extremely dry and shriveled. But until the leaves turn yellow or mushy, I still have hope that a flower will bloom eventually.

Repair and/or Stop Breaking Household Items
I’ve not broken a single thing (knock on wood).

Take More Pictures
I have, and I love it.

Give More
I don’t know that I’ve technically given more than I normally would, but I’ve definitely been more intentional about it.

On to February’s goals…

Enjoy my new blog design
I know this is cheating, but I don’t care. I’m just so excited to have improved navigation, better looks, improved search capabilities, and a shop page. I hope you’ll come to enjoy the new design as well. After all, you are the reason I did it!

Keep up with yoga
Thus far, two weeks of yoga have helped me more than I ever imagined. It’s all still a bit esoteric for me, but I can comfortably touch my toes now, and who could ask for more?

Curb my espresso intake
Not surprisingly, I’ve developed a taste for the glorious brown substance, and I often find myself craving it. I also find myself desensitized to caffeine all together. I mean, several shots of espresso should have me bouncing off the walls and trying to take over the world. That, I believe, is the normal reaction.

As many of you know, these small goals posts are a linky party that is open to any blogger who would like to join. Feel free to read the instructions below and link up! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the new blog design!

8 Responses

  1. OMG! I love the new design! Squee! I've been anxiously waiting the final results for AGES it feels like- I can't imagine how good it must feel to finally have it done 🙂 So glad you got your blue back, and I love the sleek design. Very easy to navigate. Thanks for hosting the linky party again- love thinking about goals each month! It's a really great way to get focused.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Yes, it definitely felt like ages, but so worth it! I'm so happy that you find it easy to navigate as well. Now I just have to go back through and tag all the posts so they show up in the proper place 🙂