Flashback Friday: a day in my exceptionally cute shoes

A Day in my Exceptionally Cute Shoes

Originally Published September 16, 2013

Last weekend Friend Laura saw my shoes and loved them, which is a bit of a coincidence, because I had a draft of this exact post on the blog, in need of some fine-tuning. So, I got back to it, thinking that if my shoes were cute enough to attract Friend Laura’s attention, perhaps they were also cute enough to be featured as the topic of my post.

Not only are they cute, but they’re also reasonably comfortable. And by reasonably, I mean that they can’t hold up to an entire day of teaching without painfully rubbing my heel.

Not so cute anymore, huh?

Anyway, I have a list of instructions for you. These instructions will show you how to develop a sore heel, which is good, because sometimes the best way to learn how to do something, is by first learning how not to do it.


Instructions/A Typical Day in My Shoes

5:30a.m. Time to wake up, refreshed and ready for a brand new day! Or, as I do nearly every morning, hit the snooze button.

6:30a.m. Head out the door. Listen to “Bob and Tom” on the way to work. Attempt to listen through the static as you enter the black hole of airwaves, otherwise known as the town in which you work.

7:00a.m. Make copies. Unjam the copier. Make copies. Unjam the copier. Silently curse. Make copies. Unjam the copier…

8:00a.m. Bus duty to keep the children safe on the sidewalks and not running into bus traffic. Frantically accept several student hugs while children run unsafely on the sidewalks toward said bus traffic.

8:30a.m. Teaching…now the good stuff begins. Settle in to a groove, begin to feel like a master at your craft, see student licking his rhythm stick, release past feelings of achievement.

Teaching continues……

11:30a.m. Lunch. Listen to co-workers talk about babies, toddlers, and babies. Learn something new about having babies. Continue discussion of babies.

12:05p.m. Teaching again. Students are loving the lesson, you feel pretty good about it too. See student picking her nose.

2:50p.m. Teaching is done, workday continues. Suddenly, shoes are not so comfortable.

3:30p.m. Try to use the laminator, see that it’s out of lamination. Revisit affair with copier. Silently curse.

4:00p.m. Eat a granola bar, look at the clock. See that time is not on your side. Cute shoes are now digging at your heel. Ignore it! Soldier through! Push on! Need. another. cliche. must. power. through.

4:30p.m. To go home, or not to go home? That is the question. Must stay at desk, no more moving, must avoid a blister.

4:45p.m. Stomach growls. Decide to go home, but not before saying goodbye to the copier. It’ll miss you when you’re gone. Limp out the door.

2 Responses

  1. After just 4 years of teaching and being on my feet ALL day, plus standing in concerts, musicals, working out, etc. I already developed plantar fasciatis. Shoes like that I used to LOVE to wear. Cheap and cute, but NO more for me. Instead I had to head over to buy some Dansko shoes. They are expensive, but AMAZINGLY comfortable and from what I have been told worth every penny. I finally can walk normal again and not be in pain all the time. 😀 I definitely recommend them to every teacher out there.

    1. I thought I was being reasonable with flats instead of heels, but I was wrong! Several callouses later, I wish I would've paid the price for high-quality shoes. I've heard great things about Dansko. My MIL is a nurse, and those are the only shoes she wears to work. Toward the end, I got to the point where I only wore tennis shoes. It was such a relief 🙂