I’m thrilled, as always, to be collaborating with Elizabeth from Organized Chaos for today’s blog post! We’re sharing our favorite iced drink recipes. Be sure to head on over to her post and check out her recipes for flavored water, which are the perfect preparation for a hot summer. Today, I’ll be sharing a recipe that’s still fairly new to me, iced matcha green tea latte.

I’ve recently become enamored with Starbuck’s Iced Green Tea Lattes. In fact, they’re the first drink that I’ve ever bought in the size Trenta, which is approximately the size of my stomach and a half. It’s a size that shouldn’t exist, but I’m so glad that it does.

As with most Starbuck’s drinks, I immediately went on the hunt for a copycat recipe that didn’t cost $5 a pop. I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to just experiment on my own. I headed over to our local Meijer and bought the only matcha green tea powder I could find. There were also tons of options for Match Green Tea Mix available on Amazon, which I may try out after I run out of my current mix.

I knew from experience (watching the baristas at Starbucks) that the powder wouldn’t mix easily, and since I don’t have a traditional blender, I made use of my immersion blender. To my delight, it worked perfectly!

Since that first glorious cup, I’ve made a few adjustments to the recipe. Here it is in it’s current state. Click on the picture to download the 3 x 5 recipe cards.

Keep in mind that the quantities are all my own personal preference, so you’ll need to adjust to your own tastes. After you’ve tried out this recipe, be sure to head over to Elizabeth’s post at Organized Chaos to try out all of her amazing combinations for flavored water. I’m especially excited to try the Strawberry + Basil and Blackberry + Ginger.

I’m always up for new drink recipes to try, so please share your own in the comments below!

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