It’s a bright and shiny new month, which means it’s time for me to set some more small goals. As per usual, I’ll be focusing on physical and emotional health, with neither being more important than the other.

Last month, my small and mighty goal was to Be Kind. It’s amazing how much two little words can challenge us. I found the most difficult aspect was being kind to myself. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up over everything, including those things beyond our control. However, after I practiced taking it easy on myself, I found it a lot easier to be kind to others. Just like playing an instrument well, being kind takes practice. It doesn’t always come naturally (at least not for me).

I know, I know. None of this is breakthrough material. But sometimes, we have to experience things for ourselves to make it really sink in. Or in my case, get it through my thick skull…

Okay, enough of that. On to my small goals for this month!


As many of you know, I’ve had middle and inner ear issues since my trip to London last summer. After many months of frustration and visits to an ENT, I’ve finally discovered magical trifecta of ear health. The more water I drink, the less my inner ear and eustachian tubes rebel against me. As music teachers, I know you all understand the issue of hydration extremely well! And when it comes to salt, my tongue likes it, but my ears don’t. And they battle it out often, especially when brain is deciding whether or not to hit the Taco Bell drive through…

If (and when) I do slip up and eat salty fast-food, I can usually avoid ear issues with some serious hydration and walking. Considering how much I enjoy walking outside, I think this goal will be an easy one to accomplish.


My husband and I are both away from home right now taking care of a family member. I’m grateful to be able to take my work on the road, and my husband is able to do the same. Yesterday, I asked my him about his plans for the day. He said, “I have a lot of thinking work to do.”

This is not the first time he’s said something like this concerning his job, but it’s the first time that I applied it to myself. I don’t feel productive unless I’m actively typing, tapping the touch pad, or editing audio.

When in reality, all of my productivity is a direct result of my “thinking work”.

This week, I’m working on a project for my Basics Series. It takes a lot of thinking work upfront. And if someone sees me staring into space and asks what I’m up to, I’ll give them the truth. I’m working.

Enough about me. What physical and emotional health goals do you plan to achieve during the month of June? Is your goal to relax and de-stress? Or do you plan on amping up your exercise routine? Let me know in the comments section!

2 Responses

  1. Yes, yes, and yes to hydration! This year I decided to really step up my water intake and I was shocked by the results. When I get sick, I don't get sinus infections, the flu, or nasty coughs/congestion….I get laryngitis. This happens at least 2-3 times a year and since I conduct about 12 concerts throughout the school year, it's so frustrating to have no voice during lessons and rehearsals (though my kids think it's hilariously fun following what I communicate, typing via iPad…at least my piano fingers can type fast!). This year was my first year EVER in my teaching career that I did not lose my voice and I really feel that being more hydrated aided my body in fighting inflammation. Plus, overall my skin has never felt better! Like I'm using the best moisturizer…but it's an *internal* moisturizer ????

    I'm glad to hear you've found that decreasing salt and increasing water has helped your inner ear troubles. Your ears are thanking you, just like my larynx is thanking me ????

    ~Danielle |

    1. Water really is amazing! It seems like such a simple thing, but I would bet that most teachers just don't have the mental space throughout the day to worry about hydration. Not to mention not enough bathroom breaks! I'm so glad that your voice stayed with you the entire year. Hooray for water! 🙂