If you’re new to the small goals linky party–welcome! Every month, I invite all of my fellow readers and bloggers to share their small goals for the month, as well as the goals they accomplished in the previous month. If you’re a blogger, feel free to join in by linking up at the bottom of this post!

Let’s start with my small goals from last month:

Enjoy my new blog design <–easy peasy lemon squeezy (do your students ever say this?)

Keep up with yoga <–still going strong (figuratively and literally).

Curb my espresso intake <–“big fail” so says the latte with two extra shots of espresso sitting next to me.

My small and achievable goals for this month include:
Build back my guitar callouses
I tend to play guitar in spurts. This means that when I come back to it after a while of not playing, all of my finger callouses have peeled off, and it’s painful to play for too long. Also, my barre chords can always use a little lot of work.
Maintain a spreadsheet for curriculum resources
I need to sit down and do some serious inventory. I want to create a spreadsheet of the books/materials/blog posts that I already have, as well as a list of the things I’d like to have in the future. That way, when readers e-mail me asking for a suggested list of resources, I can just copy and paste from a spreadsheet, rather than try to recall every resource that I’ve ever loved.
Create a birthday calendar
This is something I really should have accomplished by now, but my hope is to have one hanging on the wall before the month is up.Try out LastPass
My husband tried to get me to use this app long ago, when I was complaining about forgetting passwords, and I finally caved in. The LastPass software saves and autofills your passwords for all of your sites, requiring you to only remember one “master password”. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action!

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