Each month I write a new post featuring my small goals for that month. It’s a chance for me to go off-topic and write about things that are a little more personal and informal. It’s also a chance for you to share your small goals with me by linking up at the end of this post. Whether we actually meet the goals or not, it’s nice to just take time and focus on what you think is most important, even if the most important thing involves hidden stashes of candy and way too much Netflix.

With that being said, let’s take a quick look at one of the small goals I achieved in October (let’s pretend the others didn’t exist):

Cook More
I made three new recipes this month. The first was a disaster which involved shrimp and WAY too much soy sauce. The second wasn’t so much a disaster, but definitely makes me think that cooking lots of different items on one sheet pan isn’t as simple as you think. The third (and most successful recipe) was stuffed green pepper soup in a crock pot, which was super easy and tasty. You can get the recipe HERE.

Make a food item that is worthy of sharing
I enjoy making things (hence my job of making things). I enjoy making things even more when I’m able to share them. So, I’m hoping to extend my sharing of foodstuffs beyond just me and my husband. Thanksgiving will be a perfect opportunity to do just that. It will also give me an excuse to make and eat these saltine toffees, which contain addictive substances not yet understood by humans.Tackle The Christmas Pledge
Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff encourages her readers to tackle everything they need to do for Christmas in the month of November, so that when December rolls around, they can just sit back and enjoy the season. I’ve always liked this concept, but haven’t ever tried it out, until now. I’m determined to complete each day’s task so that I can sing Christmas carols stress-free all through the month of December. You can read Karen’s post about the pledge and download the calendar for free HERE.

Knit my hat
Winter is nearing, so naturally it’s time for me to dig out all of the half-knitted projects I put away last spring and start knitting all over again. Currently, I’m working on a hat. I have a huge head (circumference-wise, not ego-wise), so I made some adjustments with a pattern I found online. I don’t like to make swatches like I’ve been told to do, so I’m going rogue. Either my hat will fit perfectly or I’ll be donating it to a giant with no fashion sense. Time will tell.

Any other knitters out there? Be sure to share your projects in the comments section. I’d love to know what you’re working on!

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  1. I used to knit… I'm pretty sure I still have a half-finished scarf from high school somewhere! Seriously! The Christmas pledge looks cool. I've already put a lot of stuff together in my planner's holiday section, but I'm hoping to get a jump start on shopping this month 🙂 Thanks for hosting as always!

    1. The tough part for shopping in our family is that some create Christmas lists every year, but they don't share them until Thanksgiving. So, it's hard to do anything early. Thanks for joining the linkup!

    1. I'm not an experienced knitter, so I like the "less fun" parts, it means fewer chances for me to make mistakes. I'll be checking your instagram for updates on the shawl 😉