Editable Music Teacher Planner: blue watercolor – organizer – music planner

This customizable music teacher planner includes absolutely everything you need to keep your music classes organized throughout the year. It contains over 135 pages of customizable forms, binder covers, checklists, schedules, curriculum maps, scope and sequence forms, lesson plans, weekly planners, and more! Simply copy and paste student lists and other important information into editable PowerPoint pages to print or save digitally on your computer desktop. Step-by-step tutorials are included to show you how to customize each page, print, assemble, and use your planner. The covers and calendars will be updated each summer so that you can use this planner for multiple years.


✅ 2023-2024 Planners Now Available

  • You can view my rainbow dot designed planner HERE .





Assessment/Data Tracking Section

  • binder cover
  • formative and summative assessment form
  • concept checklist form
  • recorder tracking form


Binder Spine Inserts Section

  • directions for use
  • 1 1/2, 2, and 3 inch sizes
  • one for each planner section


Blank Forms and Checklists

  • editable tables with 3,4,5, and six columns
  • editable performance checklists


  • binder cover
  • monthly wall calendars
  • half-page spread monthly calendars
  • student/teacher yearly at a glance calendars


Class Lists

  • binder cover
  • editable medical form
  • editable behavior form
  • students at a glance form



  • binder cover
  • parent contact form


Curriculum/Long Range Plans

  • binder cover
  • editable curriculum map
  • editable scope and sequence checklist
  • editable scope and sequence in categories for perform, create, respond, & connect
  • monthly map to be used with sticky notes


Desktop Organizers

  • desktop backgrounds with matching theme
  • used to organize folders on your computer desktop
  • instructions for use


Editable Planner Covers

  • these can be used for any section of your planner


Notes and Lists

  • lined template for notes
  • to do checklist
  • to do lists with space for post-its
  • to do list exclusively for sticky notes


Planners and Schedules

  • binder cover
  • editable daily lesson plans
  • editable weekly planners
  • enough rows for 5,6,7 or 10 daily classes along with space for extracurriculars
  • editable master weekly schedule
  • sticky note planner (four sections to fit standard sticky note size)


Resource Forms and Checklists

  • binder cover
  • editable inventory checklist
  • editable music library form
  • editable purchase history
  • editable leadership log
  • performance checklist
  • editable music wishlist
  • editable music budget
  • editable grants and donors list


Seating Charts and Class Jobs

  • binder cover
  • pre-made class job titles
  • editable class jobs sign
  • editable and blank seating charts
  • charts can be customized for nearly every situation
  • seats can be moved around to fit your needs


Sub Binder

  • binder cover
  • welcome message
  • end-of-day sub notes
  • editable emergency cheat sheet
  • editable rules and expectations
  • editable blank form for additional info


  • general Q & A
  • printing and assembling Q & A
  • Editable PowerPoint Q & A
  • saving files digitally Q & A
  • how to insert information in editable PowerPoint
  • how to mass fill student names

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