Rhythm Chairs Game: changing meters – musical meters – rhythm games

“The Rhythm Chairs Game is a physically active and engaging way to teach students beat versus rhythm in elementary or middle school music. Students sit in the chairs to show how many sounds are on each beat, with each chair representing one beat. Meters include 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4. Rhythms include quarter notes, barred eighth notes, and quarter rests.

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MAIN CONTENT (PPT & Google Slides Link)

  • Easy-to-navigate clickable menu
  • Game explanation & rules
  • Instructions for a two-team game
  • Instructions for a collaborative game
  • Game slides with dotted quarter notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes with audio
  • Bonus round (8-beat patterns) with audio
  • Directions with link to blog post



  • No chairs in your classroom? No problem! Use sit-spots, carpet squares, hula hoops, or even taped-off squares will work!
  • Play collaboratively and keep score to create a competition among grade levels using a sports-themed bracket system.
  • If a student isn’t able to play the physical parts of the game, have them be the referee to keep score and play the audio at the end of each turn.
  • Change it up by asking students to clap the rhythm or play it on a rhythm instrument.
  • Use the level one game as a review for older grades at the beginning of the year.




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