It’s time for another Target giveaway! This time, I’m bringing back some of the manipulatives I loved from last year’s giveaway. Click >HERE< to read about how I used them last year to teach melodic concepts, such as high/low and simple melodic patterns.

Today I’m going to focus on rhythmic concepts that you can teach using the bunny and chick erasers shown below, which I snagged at Target for a dollar a package. I don’t know how often Target sells the same items from the year prior, but I was happy to see these little erasers again this year.
These manipulatives would be great as a center activity. You could have 4-6 students sharing the manipulatives and creating their own rhythm patterns. In the example above, I’ve laid out a four-beat rhythm pattern in which the chick equals a quarter note and the bunnies equal barred eighths. Students can create their own rhythm patterns and share them with the rest of their group when they’re finished. If your students don’t yet knowΒ the names of each rhythm, you can have students call out the names of the objects using a steady beat (e.g. chick-bunnies-chick-bunnies).If your students need more practice writing rhythms, click the image below to download a free rhythm worksheet.

Graphics by Educlips

Now, on to the giveaway! The winner will receive all the items listed below, plus a few extras I plan to add in. If you’ve never entered a Rafflecopter Giveaway, watch this 38-second video to learn how.

  • Chalkboard Eggs (12)
  • Chalk (5)
  • Bunny Erasers (120)
  • Chick Erasers (120)
  • Felt Bunny Bag (1)

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  1. This spring, because of standardized testing, I am trying to get my kids to move! We have been playing Sasha, Sashay the Donut and Rural Felicity and the kids have loved it! I have heard several spontaneous comments of, "This is so much fun!"

  2. I'm trying to avoid that "treading water" feeling this spring! Three days to spring break and I'm hoping this week's lessons will engage the kids enough to keep them from going wild!

  3. What cute ideas! This Spring we are working on compositions and creating songs. We have done a large class song and now are doing individual songs. Other grades are learning about Articulation and applying it to their recorders! Busy Busy for sure!

    1. Me too! I actually have to drive an hour to get to a Target. I always tell my husband that our town would be perfect, if it had a Target πŸ˜‰

  4. This spring, I'm starting ukulele with 5th and 6th grade, putting on a zoo concert with first and second, and mastering the pentatonic scale with 3rd! 4th has a recorder concert as well πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the rhythm worksheet freebie! In the spring, I focus on teaching students about the instruments of the orchestra, and I also try to incorporate as many movement activities as possible since it's a long stretch until summer break!

  6. Thanks for the rhythm worksheet! I love Spring because my 3rd graders do the square dance unit. One of my favorite units!

  7. I seriously bought 20 bags of these chick erasers, and ALL the other chick things in the dollar spot. My first graders are loving all the activities for "Come Back Home My Little Chicks" !!!

  8. My students LOVE manipulatives! It's so much fun to be composing with fun little erasers and playing games. They spend enough time at their desks with paper and pencil. Bring on the creativity!

  9. I haven't seen the chalkboard eggs before. They would be useful in creating some center matching activities. This spring I am preparing a second grade Safari concert. During state testing, I have been trying to provide extra movement activities for the tested grades. I have also had to be quieter with my other grades. That is a challenge, but manipulatives are great for that.

  10. I love targets erasers. I think i have every set they have ever put out and my kiddos especially love
    using the halloween monsters, candy corn, witches, black cats, etc. I was do excited to see the oh so perfect chicks and bunnies.. Love the tie in with rhythm! We also use them to create so mi melodies on a 2 line staff. Love the chalkboard eggs!!! Cute!!! Aimee @

  11. Thanks for sharing some great ideas to use in the music classroom! This spring I love using chicks and bunnies to help with rhythm in Kindergarten and 1st grade. I also use Peeps to teach melodic reading in 1st and 2nd grade. My 2nd graders have really been enjoying singing and studying solfege notes/syllables, and they especially enjoy spring/Easter composition projects.

    1. I'd be interested to see how you use Peeps. Do the kids get to eat them afterwards? I bet they have so much fun in your class!

  12. These are really cute, and thank you for the freebie worksheet! With my younger students we focus on rain sounds, and songs about rain for the spring. There are so many possibilities with instrument accompaniments and sound effects!

    1. Woo hoo! I absolutely loved that when I first saw it on your blog. I'm thinking of getting it for my nephews when they visit πŸ™‚