Snowball Pitches: Pentatonic – Solfége games – music games – do re mi so la

This interactive melody game is perfect for practicing pentatonic melodies during the winter season. There are two different games from which to choose. You can have students match the pitch patterns to what they hear or try the more challenging game, in which students sing the patterns. The matching game would be great for a non-music substitute!


Check below for a link to the bundle!


The storyline will keep students engaged as they learn about the mischievous squirrels in the neighborhood and how they keep snatching everyone’s stuff. Laugh along with your class as they take aim and “pitch snowballs” to knock snagged items down from tree branches. The game finishes with students retrieving all eight items and discussing what the squirrels were planning to do (a conversation that’s sure to be entertaining).


This file includes:

  • Two separate PowerPoint Presentations/Games (Match It and Sing It)
  • Interactive icons which can be tapped/clicked for sound
  • Ideas for Use
  • Directions


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