Composing with Mi, So, and La – music composition – Solfége composition

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This guided composition activity is designed as an introduction to composing with mi, so, and la. Students are guided through vocal explorations as a warm-up. Then, they sing Solfége Syllable patterns containing mi, so, and la. Finally, they compose their own music using printable composing cards and worksheets using mi, so, and la.



⚠️ The presentation in available in Google Slides & PDF versions ⚠️


► Table of Contents ► Vocal Exploration Warmups

  • nine warmups with a variety of melodic contours
  • high-low
  • low-high
  • same
  • create-your-own options

► Match It Game

  • students practice matching what they hear with the melodic contour that’s shown on the screen

► Solfége Practice

  • nine practice slides with four-beat patterns
  • smsm
  • ssmm
  • slsm
  • slsl
  • smsl
  • smms
  • ssms (two-part challenge)
  • ssls (two-part challenge)

Composition Prompts

  • instructions to create vocal explorations
  • instructions to use the printable card to compose

Drag and Drop Google Slides™

  • Slides for students to compose by dragging and dropping pitches

► Printable Cards for Students

  • colored do, re, and mi (to match colored instruments)
  • also in black and white for easy printing

► Printable Worksheets

  • half-page, black and white for easy printing


Ideas for Use

  • Have students pair and share their compositions
  • Have students create their own vocal explorations to share with a partner
  • Use the colored composition cards to play along with Boomwhackers™
  • Break the class into groups and have one group sing the first two beats, and the next group sing the last two beats of each practice slide
  •  Break the class into two groups and have one group sing the practice slides from the beginning, while the other group starts from the end


Why Your Students and You Will Love This Resource The vocal exploration warmup is fun, easy, and gets kids ready for sight-singing ☆ The different colored pitches help students keep track of high/low ☆ The printable cards match Boomwhacker™ colors ☆ Easy printing with black/white and half-pages


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